Filteration System


PC - 500W

With the consistent clean fountain solution, you can reduce the number of adjustmentand exchange offountain solution. Prevention effect of emulsification and offset can be expected as well.


Consistent clean fountain solution
Increasing productivity and decreasing press downtime
Cutting expenses for fountain solution
Cutting cost of waste solution disposal
Prevention of excess emulsification
Maintenance of cleansing effect

Fountain solution is contaminated by powder dust, ink, oil, etc with time. If impurities are mixed into fountain solution, and adhered on rollers, plates and blankets, it will make the ink unstable and make it difficult for press to produce stable print consistently. PC-500W can get rid of impurities, enable to implement color management which is based on the repulsion of oil and water and stabilize the quality.

Impurities              <Contamination of Fountain Solution>


Flexible Combinations of 3 Filters eliminates above mentioned impurities

10 Filters in Total

A filter(3.0μm) & B filter (1.0μm)

Paper Dust, Powder and Others Capture large particles to small particles effectively

C filter (Absorption)

Ink and Oil Content and Others Eliminate gel-like material

(Choose the filter combination by press size, No. of colors, water volume and fountain solution impurity level)


Consistent Clean Fountain Solution

        Business Form Printing Press, Using UV Ink

        4 Colors 40” Press, Using Spray Powder

        Offset Rotary Press, 24 Hours Operation

        8 Colors 40” Press, Using Spray Powder

Loss by Changing Fountain Solution

Calculation Criteria (Assumption)

Press                                    : 40” 8 colors Sheet-Fed Offset Press

Fountain Solution Circulator : TOP-ONE ECO 602 (manufacture by Cosmotech)
                                               Capacity of Reservoir (Fixed) approx. 250L
Exchange Frequency of
Fountain Solution                 : Once every 2 weeks

Etch Density                         : 2.0% Addition

IPA Density                           : 5.0% Addition

Operation Day                      : 270 days/ year = 38.5 weeks / year

Water Volume of Waste Liquid Treatment in 1 year

Water 250L × 38.5 weeks ÷ 2 = 4,813 Approx. 4,800L/ year Loss

Etch        5L × 38.5 weeks ÷ 2 = 93.6 Approx.      100L/ year Loss

IPA    12.5L × 38.5 weeks ÷ 2 = 240.6 Approx.    240L/ year Loss

Waste Liquid Treatment JPY 75 /L


5140L×75円=385,500 円/ year needed as expense

Loss of Annual Productivity and Labor Power

Exchange fountain solution every 2 weeks/ Taking 3 hours by exchange and cleaning

Productivity 3hours × 38.5weeks ÷ 2 = 57.8 Approx.-57 hours/ year

Labor Power 3hours × 38.5weeks ÷ 2 = 57.8 Approx.-57 hours/ year

Drive Test Data



Offset Printing Machinery

  • Mitsubishi
  • Komori
  • Heidelberg
  • Fuji Shinohara
  • Akiyama
  • Rolland
  • Planeta
  • Ryobi
  • Adast & etc.

Web Offset Printing Presses

  • Mitsubishi
  • Komori
  • Toshiba
  • Heidelberg
  • TKS
  • Harris
  • Man Roland
  • Color King
  • Goss & etc.

Bindery & Finishing Machines

  • Man Roland
  • Muller Martini
  • Kulbus & Stahl
  • Itoh & Polar
  • Schneider
  • Seypa & Asada
  • JMC Katsuda
  • Wholenberg
  • Schneider & ect.